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I’m sure you are part of a few teams…as a spouse, a parental team leading your kids, a management team, a creative team at work, a sound team at church, a kids ministry team, or an eldership or leadership team. And with all these relationships and WhatsApp groups we may be on, it is easy to forget the power and efficacy and joy of a unified team. When the team we’re part of is working, it is such a joy but likewise it can be frustratingly painful when it’s not.

Remember that God exists as a unified team. What a reality – these three all-powerful persons in the Godhead, all with the power to do their own thing and seek their own will and yet they humbly submit to one another and work together. We see that Jesus prays and asks the Father that our oneness with other fallible human beings will model and reflect the oneness of the perfect Godhead. (John 17)

Carrying the Burden

I have often felt burdened by the challenges of church leadership, the nastiness of sin in the camp, and the slow veering off-course that can happen. When these burdens are weighing me down I go to God, but also to my team to carry it with me, to share the load. So use them. Phone them. Share the load Frodo…

Finding Wisdom

How many times does wisdom cry out in the Bible that you find her in the counsel of many (see Proverbs 15:22). As individuals, we do not have all the wisdom. A good healthy dollop of humility is needed here. Paul tells us that each of us is “not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think, but to think with sober judgment, each according to the measure of faith that God has assigned. For as in one body we have many members..” (Rom 12:3-4a).

Accomplishing more together

The law of synergy really works! Truly one puts a thousand to flight but two put ten thousand to flight (see Deut 32:30). We see that each of David’s mighty men – often more mighty then David – united themselves in team and become an army as unto the army of the Lord (see 1 Chron 12:22). Together they accomplished unprecedented success for Israel.

Being Accountable

Another great benefit (though maybe for you it’s a great fear) is of your team getting to know you and being able to speak into your life. I remember getting married and realising after a year that my spouse was actually not the whole problem in each conflict! God’s heart for team is not just for efficacy; it is also a tool for you to be shaped into His image. Be willing to ask the questions: Am I easy to lead? Is the way I speak in meetings helpful or arrogant? Too much? What’s the best part that I can play?

Creating Trustworthy Leadership

In a congregation, people feel safe when a team is taking the lead. The truth is that they will also become like the team. For example, with an eldership team, if they are unified, one in heart, mind and purpose then the church will be as well. They will follow what the team models and not just what the pastor’s good teaching on unity says.

So never forget to guard the unity of team. The devil hates it and knows its power. Therefore always aim to meet often and communicate openly. When going out with my wife on dates,  I tell my kids that the more time we spend together, the better parents we will be. Don’t undermine your team…ever! Its suicide really.

What a privilege to be part of a band of brothers and sisters. What a joy to be part of this wonderful thing called team!


Ryan is a devoted lover of Jesus, a happy husband, a father of four and a leader within City on a Hill Church. He also travels and ministers into Four12 partnering churches in South Africa. You can follow him on Facebook.

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