Andrew & Emma Selley

When Andrew Selley planted Joshua Generation Church (JoshGen) in January 1999 with his wife Emma, they felt that it was God’s intent for them, along with all the saints, to build a church closely according to the pattern of scripture. Their hope was that the church’s significance and influence would reach far beyond Cape Town and South Africa, and would change the way that the world sees & does Church. The validity of this longing in God was later confirmed by numerous prophetic words from recognised prophets.

It was prophesied that Andrew, with his apostolic gifting and dynamism in the Spirit, would draw people together who would co-labour to extend the Kingdom of God and help build healthy churches. JoshGen as a church received prophetic words that it would be a blueprint/model church, influencing churches worldwide.

Along with other leaders and saints Andrew has since built and positioned Joshgen so that she becomes a tool for a task: to live out authentic Christianity as a family of believers and change the way the world views the church.

As Joshgen grew and stretched across Cape Town and the Western Cape, it joined hands with other churches across the nation of South Africa who shared the vision expressed in Ephesians 4:12 (NIV). The hope was that together we would, “equip his people for the works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up.”

Taking our cue from Ephesians 4:12(NIV), Four 12 began its work and soon churches around the globe called for help or felt the Lord leading them to be a part of the movement. In partnership, we have seen churches experience growth and health as they become more effective in their cities and nations.

Partnering with Four12

In the following clip, Brad Verrreynne of Oxygen Life Church in Port Elizabeth (South Africa), explains why they are partnering with Four12.

If you would like to join us on this mission, please join us at our next Four 12 Conference. You can also follow us on our Four12 APP & Facebook for updates on our activities around the world.