We were created to worship and love God, to glorify and enjoy Him for ever. Not just to glorify Him in song, but in everything we do. Worship, in all it’s forms, is an important part of our relationship with God. It is a personal response to seeing God as worthy and precious. Sung worship is also a key ingredient to our times together. Not worship where the “presence of God” is reduced to a 5 song playlist performed with the precision of a Swiss watch. Not worship simply engineered to prepare people for “the preach”. But worship where the Spirit of God leads the people of God into the presence of God. Worship full of exuberant spontaneous moments. Worship full of the fear of God and the joy of the Lord. Worship where people who desperately need to encounter Him, come hungry, and leave satisfied. In this atmosphere of worship, new songs are often born. Songs that express what God is doing, and connect people’s hearts to what He is saying now. Here you will find some of those songs. You will also find tips on writing songs of your own, and the opportunity to submit your songs to be shared with churches all around the world.