The Nations Came to Us


“Ask me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession.” Psalm 2:8

We often think of this verse in the context of travelling to the nations but in the case of Joshua Generation Church’s Youth meeting in Cape Town, the nations have come to us!

If you asked how our youth group started, you would probably hear that it was with a bang at a youth outreach to Jan Van Riebeek in 2013 where many kids got saved. However, none of those kids ever visited our youth group and we were left wondering whether we’d ever grow – especially after that week when the leaders outnumbered the youthie (singular) ten to one! The truth is that it REALLY started with a soccer game in a parking lot of the Baptist church down the road…

A group of young guys were playing soccer outside the hall we rented and we invited them to join us for the night…and they’ve stayed for 2 years! One of the things we love most about ‘City Bowl Youth’ is all the different nationalities we have represented. Most of the guys and girls come from the DRC, others from Angola, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Eritrea and there are even a few South Africans! God has literally brought the nations to us! It is such a privilege to watch them grow and move into all God has for them. Seeing them every Friday is such a picture of the kingdom, so many cultures all seeking God together.

You could also think of us like a premier league soccer team with a whole lot of different nationalities all playing for the same team. When we started, many of the guys were on the bench, watching the action. One by one they’ve committed their lives and started playing for Jesus. We are so excited for this next season! We are seeing God moving powerfully in their lives, bringing salvations, baptisms and a hunger to read God’s word.

We have learned a few very important things along the way: how to dance, how to rap and how to speak Lingala (a Congolese dialect). We have seen injuries, some choosing to leave the game altogether and we’ve loved them through many ups and downs. But seeing kids falling in love with Jesus and making eternity their goal, welcoming home prodigals and watching them grow, makes it all worthwhile. We believe God is not just impacting individuals, but families and nations.

Photo(top): A couple of our youth at the 2016 Passion World Tour in Cape Town.

Michal is a deaconess and youth leader at Joshua Generation Church meeting in Cape Town. She works for a Leukaemia Charity doing all things Marketing and Social Media related. She loves Jesus, travelling, and really good coffee. 

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