No Rosy Romance


November last year Andrew told me that he felt he heard God telling us to give up our home for a season to enable us to travel full-time, apostolically working for longer periods into the various Four12 churches around South Africa and into the nations. My response was ‘if you have heard God let’s do it!’, however he turned to me and said: “You have to hear God. It might get a bit rough and we will be in the caravan most of the time. So you need to know that you heard God”. So I did, I asked God to confirm it to me and oh boy did He just do that! The very next morning God spoke to me out of Micah 4:10 “…For now you must leave the city and go camp in the open field!” There it was in black and white!

We then told our daughter, Enyah and asked her to pray and from her Bible God also spoke to her out of Ezekiel with the Valley of Dry Bones. She said she felt that as we rise up and go to the different churches, these churches will come to life again and tendons and flesh will come onto them and they will arise to become a mighty army.

Wow! Needless to say we started preparing for our journey soon thereafter. There was so much to do! Packing, sorting, renting our home out, organising homeschooling supplies, etc. The list was long and time was short, but finally on 9 December 2015 we started our adventure, here we are today May 2016, 5 months later into our gypsy trip.

I know some of you are asking the question: “How has the experience been so far?” Well to start with I have to confess, I do normally enjoy camping, but only for a few days and then I want to go home! So to be honest, in the physical it hasn’t all been rosy and romantic (Sorry! I know some of you were thinking it was all romantic). The cost has been real, not just being away from your home, but also being away from family, friends (and experiencing physical sickness at times too).

Working into the various churches has been amazing, and such a privilege, but pouring oneself out, giving all, tearing down, uprooting, coming against strongholds…it is tiring! Yes, in the natural there has been a cost, but that does not matter, because it is not about the cost- it’s never about the cost. It is about the fruit, it is about the reward. The reward far outweighs the cost!

To see churches being revived, to see people genuinely repenting and getting rid of idols, to see some fallen by the wayside getting back into the race, to see unity being forged, marriages been restored, souls being plucked from Hell, hope and courage being restored to leaders and saints, how can you compare anything to that?

It might not be all rosy and romantic in the natural, but in our hearts there is such a deep contentment and a joy, not only because we see the fruit, but because we are walking in obedience to God, and that inner knowing surpasses any earthly emotion or feeling.

I am so glad God has called us to do this, I am so glad He spoke so clearly. Every time I find it a bit stretching, or it gets a bit hard, I hear Him whispering…‘You must leave the city and go camp in the open field”, then a warm feeling floods my heart and my spirit is at ease again because I am pleasing and obeying my heavenly Father and NOTHING compares to that!


                             ABOUT THE AUTHOR
Emma is married to Andrew and mom to Enyah. In January 1999 they planted Joshua Generation Church and continue to lead this church and minister into others through Four12, around the nations. Emma is a women of great faith and has a visible love for Jesus, His word and His Bride. She has a passion for speaking to women and seeing them enter into the more in God.

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