Testimony: Brazil Outreach

I wanted to share my Testimony on the Brazil Outreach Oct/Nov 2013. I am a Foundation Phase teacher and my contract had come to an end. I have been in JoshGen for three years and I never yet been on an outreach, because I did not think that I qualified. I can’t speak in tongues or prophesy (or as Mike says, it’s not that I can’t it’s just that i don’t know how) and I was not confident in praying for people. Anyway, I decided that for the first time I wanted to go, regardless of me feeling inadequate. So I asked if I could join the team. Now all I had to do was figure out how to afford it! A long story short, God provided. I was given voyager miles, the airport taxes of R6000 was paid and I was given a substantial amount of money from various people toward the trip.

When I arrived in Brazil I felt that God had hand-picked the team and purposefully placed us with hosts that had a significant impact on our lives. The highlights of my trip are that I had to find God for myself in worship, because it was in Portuguese and I couldn’t understand a word! And I was encouraged to pray for more people in 2 weeks than I ever have in 3 years! I felt things for people i never felt before – empathy and compassion. I felt God’s heart for people and it opened up my eyes to see people the way God sees them.

I also saw the need to shine the light in the dark where people need HOPE. The people were encouraging and loving and so giving! God taught me about the Body of Christ. How the eye needs the ear and how blue needs yellow to make green. He showed me how he uses the body as family who give not just 10% (like in tithes) but that Jesus gave 100% on the cross.

He showed me that is about knowing who He is (Christ and Him crucified), to focus on the Son and not the sin, and what we are doing with the Son. I felt that I broke free from fear of man which has held me back from relationships with people and in my walk spiritually with God. Where I had had lost hope and trust in His promises, He renewed them! He showed faithfulness even when I failed and He went before and prepared the way.

I felt that as I stepped out, He equipped me – even in the areas I had struggled with back home at church. I pray to keep these treasures and thank Him for His love. I was reminded that it is like a Prince. He may be born into Royalty but he has to learn to live like a Royal, and it’s like that with our position in Christ. We are a New Creation and adopted into His family, but we are learning to live like Sons and Daughters of the King.

Thank you to the team and William Marais and Mike Davies, for your preaches and friendship.


Ashley Peter